Must Known Facts About the MUD before Selling?

If you pick the wrong agent, the MUD notice could come back to haunt you.

Does your agent know what the MUD notice is? It’s an important document that must be included in your MLS posting and delivered to the buyer’s agent prior to the execution of the contract. However, many agents don’t include this document or understand what it means. 

MUD stands for municipal utility district notice. This document is required in many areas of Houston, but a lot of agents couldn’t even tell you what MUD stands for. When you’re looking to sell a home in Houston, it’s crucial you work with an agent who understands what you need to do to comply with MUD requirements. 

What happens if you don’t upload the required MUD documents? If your buyer finds out, they can walk away from the transaction at any point and receive all their earnest money back with no consequences. This gives them a ton of negotiating power, so make sure your agent understands MUD requirements before working with them. 

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